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We have qualified only the best VoIP providers in Canada available in your area. We only recommend VoIP Canada that have demonstrated that they can provide a top-notch service as well as excellent customer service. Most all of our VoIP Canada customers cannot detect any difference between their calls  being made over a regular telephone line or via a VoIP line as VoIP technology has come a long way in the past couple of years.  Today, many businesses rely on VoIP exclusively for all of their telephone calls. Can't decide on which top VoIP Canada you like best? Check out our Side by Side comparison page to find out which VoIP providers in Canada can provide you with all of the features you require and which residential carrier would save you and your family the most money.


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compare canada voip


compare voip

compare voip


Canada VoIP.com Review - Compare VoIP.com VoIP-- Highest Recomendation

Voip.com is a full service top VoIP Canada that offers Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico for only $8.33 per month. Their niche is that they do not charge an activation fee and give you the $8.33 price for only a 1 year commitment (some require 2 year commitment) .   Our Voip.com Review turned up over 45+ included enhanced features such as : CallerID, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-way Calling, Etc..  Voip.com is one of the few carriers that includes free second telephone line with your service. Voip.com also offers a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.  Click Here to check out Voip.com or to sign up for Voip.com’s VoIP service.


Current VoIP.com Promotions and VoIP.com Discounts:

* Get Free Equipment
* 60 Free International Minutes per Month
* Unlimited US and Canada Calling
* Keep your Home Number
* No VoIP.com Canada Coupon Code Needed.

Just Click Here for our VoIP.com review.


compare voip

phonepower promo


Canada PhonePower Review- Compare PhonePower VoIP-- Highest Recomendation

PhonePower’s Annual Edition gives you a year's worth of Internet home phone service for only $8.33 per month!!  

PhonePower offers unlimited calling to all of the U.S. and Canada, over 10 enhanced calling features, unlimited free Directory Assistance calls each month, all the necessary equipment to get started, no charge to activate (with the yearly plan) - includes discounted shipping, no hidden fees, no cancellation fees, and a 14 day risk-free guarantee. Canada PhonePower also offers a free soft phone service with your account that will allow you to make calls from your desktop or laptop computer

Click Here  for more information on PhonePower VoIP or to sign up for service.

Current PhonePower Promotions and PhonePower Discounts:

* Get Free Activation
* Get 1 hour of free International calls every month.
* Unlimited US and Canada Calling
* Get 2nd Year for Free.
* Get a second line for free.
* Get Free Equipment.
No PhonePower Coupon Code Needed.

Just Click Here for our Canada PhonePower VoIP review.


Axvoice review

Axvoice review


Canada AXvoice VoIP Review - Compare AxVoice VoIP-- Highest Rating

AXvoice is a feature rich VoIP Canada provider that provides local and international calls at lowest rates in USA and Canada. Unlike ordinary VoIP providers Axvoice does not charge for activation or equipment. Their $8.25 plan offers unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to USA and Canada for one year. Besides low rates, all Axvoice plans include features like Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-way Calling, Etc. All these features are 100% free. All Axvoice packages can be used on ordinary phones, smart phones like iPhone and Android as well as on computer. Save money on your international calling from your smartphone. Axvoice.com also offerring money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. Obviously, there is no reason to select any other VoIP service in presence of Canada Axvoice. Click Here to check out AXvoice or to sign up for service.


Current AXvoice Promotions and Discounts in Canada:

* Get Free Equipment
* 1.5 Cents per Minute to 45+ International Countries
* Keep your Home Number
* Unlimited US and Canada Calling
* Free Activation
* Money Back Guarantee
No AXvoice Coupon Code Needed.

Just Click Here for our AXvoice VoIP review.

vonage canada

Vonage Canada Review- Compare PhonePower VoIP-- out of 5 stars

Vonage - Vonage is the current market leader in the Canada VoIP marketplace.  They currently supply service to over 1,000,000 customers. Vonage offers plans starting at $19.99 (Canadian dollars) a month for 500 long distance minutes, $39.99(Canadian dollars) for unlimited calls to anyone in the U.S. or Canada.  Standard features include: Voicemail, CallerID, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, 3 Way Calling, Call Waiting, Speed Dialing, etc.. Additional features can include Virtual Phone Numbers, Fax lines, and Toll Free features.   In our opinion, this is the VoIP that is closest service to regular telephone lines in service and features. Vonage offers business VoIP Canada plans for the really heavy users.


Vonage VoIP Canada Promotion and Discount:

* Get 1 month of FREE service
* Get FREE shipping

> VoIP Choices > VoIP Things to Consider - Canada 

Things to Consider When You Compare VoIP Providers in Canada 

The following are very important factors to consider when you compare VoIP providers in Canada. Educate yourself and be informed before you choose.


Monthly costs:  The best VoIP provider in Canada can save you up to 75% on your telephone/long distance expenses. There are many Voice over IP providers in Canada so it will benefit you from shopping around. VoIP Unlimited calling packages can range from $5.83/month to as high as $54.95/month.  Usually the lower priced VoIP providers have more customers and are able to offer the service at a lower price due to a lower overhead per subscriber


VoIP Canada Product Features: When you compare VoIP providers in Canada, you will see that not all VoIP providers are created equal. Voice over IP offers a great value to the consumers because of the drastically reduced long distance costs as well as inexpensive local phone service with lots of enhanced features.  Some providers offer more features than others.  Features like Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling, etc. are usually included in the monthly cost where as the traditional phone companies will charge up to and above $5/month for each feature.  When shopping for a VoIP provider in Canada, be sure to compare VoIP providers by features as well as by monthly price. 


Keeping Your Number:  Some providers allow you to transfer (port) your current phone number to the VoIP service and some providers do not.   It is not recommended to switch your home number to the VoIP service immediately.  It is recommended that you try out the service and see if you are satisfied before you request that your current number be switched.  Keep in mind that if you have DSL service, in many cases, must retain a phone number with the service provider of the DSL because the DSL service is provided over that telephone line.  If you want to get rid of your current phone company all together, then we suggest you use a Cable Internet Service Provider.


911 Service:  Most of the Voice over IP carriers offer E911 service, but not all. Be sure to compare VoIP providers in Canada that offers E911 because it is not a given.  If the VoIP provider does not offer E911, then we suggest that you either have a cell phone or traditional landline to use in case of an emergency. (Note: It is also important to point out that if you take your VoIP Canada phone when traveling, E911 has no way of knowing where you are when you call 911 if you are away from the registered address.)


International Calling:  If you make a lot of international calls from Canada, you will want to do a lot of research on International Rates as they vary by provider.  There are a few carriers that offer unlimited calling to certain countries. 


Money Back Guarantee:  Since VoIP Canada is a relatively new product; most all VoIP providers in Canada will offer a free money back guarantee.  Be sure to check with each provider as we have seen the money back guarantees range from a 14-day to a 30-day money back guarantee.  (Note:  Be sure to keep the original packaging that your equipment came in just in case you need to send it back to avoid a cancellation fee.)


This is only a short list.  In fact, there are many things to consider when compare VoIP Canada. An educated consumer generally results in a satisfied consumer.


If you are interested in more information so you may compare VoIP providers, please see our list of our
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