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Lingo Review

Lingo Review


Lingo Review - Lingo review

Lingo  offers a great value to VoIP consumers who call frequently within the United States , Canada, or  Western Europe.  Lingo offers a home plan for $23.95 a month for unlimited long distance minutes to anywhere in the USA, Canada, and 45 countries around the world. There are 20+ calling features which are standard. Included are: Voicemail, CallerID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling, etc.  Lingo’s VoIP service offers phone numbers in 15 countries and they are adding new countries all the time. The one feature that makes Lingo’s plan appealing to many is that Lingo provides two phone numbers per account (for a small fee).  The first phone number is in the area code of your choice, and the second number called a Universal Phone Number.  This means that with Lingo you can have a local number for people in your area, and another number for friends, family or business associates in another part of the state, a different state or even a different country.

Click Here   for a more detailed explanation of the “Universal Phone Number”.

lingo review


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